Drysdale Bros. Identity

Keeping it in the family... I come from a line of engineers, if it wasn't for design I may well be walking the same path right now, so when I was asked to create a new brand identity for Drysdale Brothers, entirely from scratch, I used a little behind the scenes insight to arrive at this solution. These are a few boards from a larger presentation.



Haggis. Food of the Gods. Well, sort of. A scottish delicacy nonetheless! In my humble opinion, haggis packaging has far too long been neglected. Well not any more!


Me in 3D

Geometric shapes are simple in comparison to organic matter. This is work in progress – I'm planning to put a 3D slant on the self portrait theme and I'll fire up the results when I'm done.



I took up the guitar at the beginning of 2011 and, in an effort to ‘become one with the instrument’, I thought I’d see if I could utilise some texture mapping to create a very accurate representation of my new toy.