Chris Falkner
Managing Director

Tom is incredibly talented and is defined by three key points: 1. His ability to produce conceptually strong ideas, and art direct these to completion, is a huge asset for any creative team. 2. He is both equipped, and prepared, to fight for what he believes is the strongest output. 3. His level of craft is exceptionally high and he is prepared to work all night to see this through.

Graham Wall
Executive Creative Director

Tom is three creatives for the price of one: above all, his visuals are consistently among the freshest and most imaginative of any designer I've worked with; secondly he's got an art director's eye, often looking beyond the brief to come back with not what you asked for, but what you wish you'd asked for; and thirdly, Tom's a genuinely intelligent man, which allows him to add touches of genuine class to his designs.


Jeff Wittek
Creative Director

It only takes a few minutes of working with Tom to realise he's got every skill a top creative needs to be successful: Technically awesome. Constantly challenging the output to make it better. Lots of ideas and a damn good guy to have on your team.  I'd employ him in a second.

Owen Catto
Executive Creative Director

Tom is a pleasure to work with. He has collaborated with us on a few projects recently and he consistently delivers outstanding design and, happily, conceptual flair. With a great work ethic, an enquiring mind and a craftsman's eye, I would certainly hope to work with him again.